Epik Music Group have developed from a family idea in the early 90’s in New York, Poughkepsie with founder Apachie, his brother Fire & Uncle Mention. Now it has become an entertainment group of DJ’s, promoters, dancers, artistes, marketing representatives and booking agents globally. From New York we have expanded into Florida with founder Apachie, Dale & Flava, also into Jamaica with DJ Skelly, DJ Lus & Fya Neil. The UK team consists of Epik Jones, Pola Bear, Stringas, Gazza Prince, Talika, Stacy & Twiny Bops. With big movements being made we have also welcomed DJ Bendixo from Zambia on board. Some of the UK’s top young talents have come through the Epik camp or been affiliated with them at some level. Epik Jones through his radio shows Epik World on Mondays & Tuesdays 10am-1pm (UK GMT) & Setting Friday 8-10pm (UK GMT) bringing the latest riddims, singles, album reviews, interviews, link ups, freestyles, info, news and entertainment on Flames Radio. Any more about EPIK can be asked through inquiry.