‘ANTI’ is Rihanna eighth studio album released via Roc Nation, she has chosen not to include singles prior to its release on the album such as fourfiveseconds, american oxygen and Bitch better have my money. She has swapped the edm, pop sound for some R&B stoner jams to relax to. Rihanna being the executive producer of this album chose to work with world recognised vocal, record producer and engineer Kuk Harrell and selecting producers such as Jeff Bhasker, Boi-1da, DJ Mustard, Hit-Boy, Brian Kennedy, Timbaland and No I.D. to achieve her desired sound. The album can be seen as a R&B album with a few samples from Alexander O’neal ‘Work’ featuring Drake, ‘same ol’ mistakes’ being a cover version of Tame Impala “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”. “Never Ending” contains interpolations from the composition “Thank You” (2000) performed by Dido, with “Higher” containing elements from “Beside You” (1970) performed by The Soulful Strings , written by Jerry Butler. The mood is resonant of the good story telling days of motown, country & western with Rihanna occasionally blessing listeners with her caribbean accent flavour, sultry sound and talent to keep fans attention.


Tracks expected to create buzz on social media, amongst fans, radio stations and Djs willing to take this new adventure I recommend first single “Work” featuring Drake produced by Boi Da 1 which has the 1985 feel of Alexander’s Oneil’s “if you were here tonight”. “Kiss it better” is a lovely composed song produced by Jeff Bhasker & John Glass has that timeless sound with wide range of musical instrumental sounds. Then there is the intrelude weed dedicated “James Joint”, tracks like “consideration” & “desperado” which could be sounds of the future in terms of bass, synths & arrangement. Then “Woo” with contribution from Travis Scott in production has that current hip hop sound that has been popular since Kanye experimentation with sounds as an artiste & producer. Rihanna smashes some unusual big notes on this track and owns it. The cover of “same ol mistakes” sounds a bit weird being a 2015 song but think this song reflects everything Rihanna is trying to bring across on “Anti” but for over 6 minutes!!!! Well the Dj mustard produced “needed me” you expecting a club banger, well sorry this is a rebellious song with some aggressive lyrics “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage / Fuck your white horse and a carriage” followed up by melodic chorus. Timbaland blesses with “yeah i said it” sounding like Aaliyah  throwback but with a modern feel and keys to remember being played throughout, harmonic melodies and vocal compressed engineered vocals. Worthy mentions to listen to are “never ending” and “sex with me” Riri musical adventure. Check out timeless music like “love on the brain” a personal favourite with that old school sound and arrangement.

attends the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
This album by Rihanna is an attempt to show how dangerous she can be fighting status quo of pop, be different and enjoy the journey of getting her own way. This could be the sound of the future, she is a young veteran, and she will not allow herself to be categorised, boxed up or stereotyped in the industry. It be wise to enjoy the journey and listen with an open mind, if you are searching for pop, club anthems this will not be your anthem. What songs get popular via radio stations will be heavily determined by innovative djs, her fans and the way the business receives this brave project.


Thanks for your time I am Epik Jones hope you enjoy this album.

Entertaining People Increasing Knowledge (EPIK)




This is the second album from rapper Pusha T formerly of the duo Clipse, its released by GOOD music & Def jam recordings on December 18, 2005. The album was supported by three singles: “Untouchable”, “M.F.T.R.” featuring The-Dream and “Crutches, Crosses, Caskets”. This is the prelude to his third album King Push scheduled for April, 2016 release.

The mood is set right from the Diddy produced intro opening up with multiple synths, then breaking into bass, booming, bang and hardcore delivery. When hip hop is going towards melodic beats, phrases and tones, Pusha T maintains his steel in aggressive, well put together lyrics with excellent hardcore delivery with passion. Aside from singles already released songs I recommend to give a listen are M.P.A produced by Kanye West/J.Cole featuring Kanye West himself, A$ap Rocky & The Dream, featuring relaxing piano keys, chains, tamborine and a harmonised chorus. “Got em covered” is a typical timbaland production, with signature sounds using various sounds, Pusha T compliments with an electrifying range of metaphors, rhymes and delivery. “Keep dealing” produced by Diddy has a cold, dark feeling where the sound is kept simple to give the listener a chance to embrace tone, lyrics and message. “Retribution” is a personal favourite produced by timbaland, with a shaking bass, featuring the talented Kehlani. “Sunshine” which happens to be the final track produced Baauer/Kanye West featuring Jill Scott opening rap starts with ‘America you need a miracle, beyond spiritual’ setting the tone for a redemption song.

Overall this prelude album sets tone for a grand finale in ‘King Push’ I hope you enjoy it the way I do. Entertaining People Increasing Knowledge (EPIK) building a legacy not trying to be a legend.

Epik Jones



Planning and Events

In everything we aim to put public there should be a lot more planning, because not everyone is built to handle crisis management. Most of the budgets spent in this world could have been used for better causes, if there was planning before events instead of after dealing with the crisis. Think about BP oil spills, sweatshop collapses with Nike, Primark etc, Barclays interest fixing, the UK riots and the list goes on.

We host events globally and if the correct planning is not proposed, certain high profile events will not be granted to cities to boost economies. Recently it seems the aim is only to make money, not much emphasis in taking care of the public, looking after the environment or building the communities we come from or affect when doing our events. Planning as I said is imperative, ask yourself some questions; What does my event represent? Who am I targeting with my marketing? What am I offering apart from the sole purpose of the event? Will people be safe at my event and am I legally protecting my supporters and myself as an event host?

As said before crisis management is not for everyone, when there are serious injuries, death, cancellations and loss of licenses not everyone knows how to weather the storm and prepare for the calm. Communication is key, being calm, giving information and being able to deal with a crisis can sometimes build a brand that can easily be broken through crisis. A crisis can come from PR mistake, marketing, legal issues, incidents or accidents that occur during , after or before the  event goes ahead. Remember events are not just conferences, parties, concerts, olympics or world cups, the average person celebrates or respects marriage, birthdays, purchase of first home, death, change of seasons, job promotion, retirement, change of job etc.

The question I ask is what does it take out of someone to sit down, map out risks, identify them, fix the ones that can be sorted and take out insurance for the highly unlikely ones that will carry a massive impact if they were to occur. Also try to plan events to last with a bit of sustainability so therefore look on how it can affect local or external economy, social circles or communities and the environment. A great example could be a conference or show that rewards patrons, encourage them to recycle cups/paper/flyers they may not want that they receive at an event (environment), social & community being that profit proceeds may go to a community you live in or spent time in or create apprenticeship/internship for those educated in fields of working in event aspects (social) and the economic factors would be creating employment, paying people what is by law required, contracts and also creation of jobs at events like catering, drink specialists (bartenders), cab drivers (uber code discounts) and such.

Be innovative, creative and think for the future not just the now. Alot of these things some already do, alot can be improved. The key word though is PLANNING… if we can all plan better, we can host better events, encourage sponsorship and have sustainability within the event field but as a Jamaican saying goes ‘short cut draw blood’ and ‘the good you give is the thanks you get’… persistence is the way, consistency is encouraged and rewards will not come overnight. Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not! Talent can’t reach opportunity.

Epik Jones

BSC Events Management





Di Genius links with Michael Franti

Razor B releases another fiery single

In a bid to capitalise on the success of his most recent hit, ‘Hot Up’, dancehall artiste Razor B has released another equally insinuating and fiery single, ‘Up In Deh’.

Produced by DJ Franco who also produced Hot Up, is already gaining momentum. The video was unleashed at the popular Mojito Mondays session in St Andrew earlier this week.

The video features just what female fans expect from the rising star. Beautiful women, a fresh upbeat rhythm and, of course, a shirtless Razor B.

What is refreshingly unexpected in this edgy collaboration is the influence of African drums, a hot new dance to accompany the song and a feature by popular selector/producer and radio jock, Supa Hype.

With mixed reviews on his last visual release, Razor B enlisted Team Cash Flow to create a clean and entertaining video, which captures the audience with its beat and beautifully natural background. It was shot in sections of Kingston.

Beauty and culture

“It is important for me to give the fans what they want. It is my goal to bring dancing back to the dancehall. Jamaica is the heart of this music. it is important to me to stay connected to these roots in order to continue to bring the beauty and culture of our island to the world, as so many great artistes before me. It is also important to me to keep the local dancehall community interested and engaged,” Razor B said.

Fans can log on to http://www.vevo.com/artist /razor-b to watch the Up In Deh video in its entirety.

Follow Razor B at Vevo/ Razor B; Twitter/ therealrazorb; Instagram/therealrazorb and Facebook/ therealrazorb


Dancehall artiste Ce’Cile has recorded a song titled ‘IG Post’ (Miss Nuffy), which throws lyrical jabs at MC Nuffy and social media bullies. According to the sinjay, the song addresses all persons who live to spread their hate using social media.



“It’s a song for all nuff people, so if you are included in the song then that means you are a nuff female. The song was basically written from all the comments I read in my timeline. So give thanks to the nuff people because they were an inspiration,” she said, seemingly unbothered.

In one line of IG Post, Ce’Cile even made fun of MC Nuffy’s split with Gully Bop, citing that he was the one on the losing end, instead of Gully Bop.

“He is acting like Gully Bop’s career is done, but the only thing done is Nuffy salary. Gully Bop is in Trinidad touring with the hottest artistes right now, more power to Gully Bop. Stop trying to pull down the man and let him make his money. But you know what? Girls just love to talk. This is not even serious, it’s hilarious to me and that goes for all persons on social media. I specifically don’t like men who behave like females and Bounty Killer said it best recently,” Ce’Cile said.

Ce’Cile and MC Nuffy have been at odds since last week after the talkative host criticised the singer for reaching out to her babyfather Chris Martin on social media.

Defence ready

When contacted, MC Nuffy told The WEEKEND STAR that he has three female artistes ready to defend his honour lyrically.

“Mi nah guh argue wid no woman, but mi have three female artistes can send fi har. A good thing mi did talk up because now it give har an idea for a song. Everywhere yuh see har bout Big Deal a sing di man (Chris Martin’s) song,” he continued.

“Ce’Cile, mi nah guh continue trace wid yuh, mi a guh write a song and mek a female artiste fix yuh business and yuh can come a Sting come defend it. Mi see seh yuh want to tek the buss. Tabeta, Stylysh or Sashae, anyone a dem can tek yuh points,” MC Nuffy said.


Dancehall act Charly Black recently headlined two major shows in Columbia where he has developed a huge fan base.

At the Green Moon Festival in San Andres, he rocked a huge crowd of more than 10,000 patrons with his hits, Buddy Buddy, and Party Animal.

The Green Moon Festival, held annually, is an expression of the culture of the Caribbean region, and there are often lectures on music, documentaries, samples dances and local cuisine for a whole week.

The artiste also journeyed to the capital city of Bogota to perform at the Royal Theatre Centre in Chapinero where 5,000 screaming fans cheered him on.

Dressed in full white, he walked out singing a new single, Jesus Police Record. He segued into Tyad Fi See Me, and the crowd sang the chorus word for word. He then did popular songs like Fiesta, Gold Medal and First Time.

He took a sip of an alcoholic beverage, and declared that he was a ‘party animal’. Patrons in the crowd cheered him on, and drank along with him. He closed his set with the popular Party Animal for Techniques Records, earning inside the club at least five forwards.

Black has developed a following in Central and South America. Party Animal is doing well on dancehall charts. The single hit number 6 on a chart in Costa Rica, and number 1 in Chile.

“Mi a put in the work and people appreciate the music, right now, music is a blessing,” Charly Black said.

He will head to a show in England and will headline a big event in Mandeville, ‘Signature’, Heroes Weekend, at Rock City. He is also booked for a festival in Chile, alongside Method Man from Wu Tang clan.



Title: Ghetto Boy
Artiste: Stephen Marley ft. Bounty Killer & Cobra
Genre: Dancehall
Label: Ghetto Youths International