b88f94276cf6d7b974689a81fca6142a My Dream Girl
By Nolad Senoj
A lady so beautiful
Her characteristics wonderful
A lady with a peace of mind
Who is pure, open hearten and kind?
Your father must have been an astrologer to put stars in your eyes
Because when you look at me my body lights up as my heart cries
The bond between us is like that of magnetic devices
But to explain that is another crisis
I classify you as a lady
And with You I will produce a baby
That fire which is inside of you and will burn
To keep it blazing is my major concern
Your supreme intelligence
This brings out your magnificence
Your bravery and determination
Makes me stronger in times of deterioration
You made me aware
That yesterday is history
Tomorrow might be a mystery
But today is a gift like you
That’s why it’s called the present
You are a precious treasure
And to even know you is a great pleasure

black anime girl


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