Nolad Senoj

A Flawless Family a flawless life

One big catch and I get a flawless wife

Flawless and gorgeous in every way

Elegant and classy I must say

Class like school and you wear the hat

Strong family and all must respect that

Flawless is not just the word or description

A way of life for success a certain prediction

Where all seen is love and the good

Where everything seems perfect, as it should

Love is when you accept the good with bad

That was nurtured in them from their dad

A FORTIS like me bearing the purple and white

The tie of winners, the brave and the bright

We enter a world full of evil and sin

So love is the only chance we have to win

It’s about gaining the world’s glory and saving your soul

Enjoying life while young and not waiting until old

After all from Aids, heart attacks and now cancer

And the list of possible deaths could continue in a next stanza

So when you see flawless

Respect or be jawless

Because to hate is to be without bone

No frame, no heart, yet in the zone

Of begging blessings and success to rub off on you

You need the flawless family and crew

Wanting their flawless, successful life to shine your way

But I guarantee if the hearts not their you will never see that day

Don’t think flawless is everlasting

Must be maintained or contrasting

Thing may happen and like gold disappear

For a lost flawless soul should have no fear

As long as the candle of hope is always ensured to be kept alight

It can always make sure the pride; success and flawless candles are kept alight

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