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For some men, a great or even good woman, is too good to be true. Feelings of doubt often surface with the man asking himself, do I deserve this woman? Is she for real? Just what are her plans?


A great woman will have a man thinking on a level he never knew existed, with even the ‘thug’ becoming more attuned with his ‘feminine side’ in the company of a good woman. A woman who is able to facilitate a change in his attitude, his perspective and inspire in him a healthy respect for life itself.


A man may only come across three good women during his lifetime – his mother often being one of them! However, not all men can cope with a strong woman and a great woman can either make or break a man.


Many of the great women I have met have been black. Black women who have overcome many obstacles: including racism, sexism, and mother/professional/house wife – separating the emotional distress and concealing it. Most black men find it difficult to deal with a strong independent Black Woman. They suddenly feel somehow inferior – that somehow they may lose their position of ‘authority’ as suddenly, the man who is used to being the bread winner, appears as though in competition with his woman – probably even relegated to playing the supporting role.


It can be a hard pill to swallow especially when your woman is successful and good at what she does. But you know something – guys like me are proud of such talent guys like me are proud and supportive of our strong women. As a community we need to be supportive towards such women. Support the strong women is a vital element in order for talent and communities to flourish – and a flourishing community makes it so much easier in our everyday struggles against the world.


How a man chooses to deal with the great and good women he meets during his lifetime is solely in his hands, as it may become increasingly difficult for a successful woman to share her time with him.


So make the most of your times together while you can, whether the female is a friend, girlfriend or other – as there are great benefits to be gained from the close association with the female ‘of the species,’ who in general have so much to offer and who most times think then act – where we men most times act and then try to think of a way out of a situation!


It’s sad though as some of the great women of this world often find themselves choosing the wrong man for all the wrong reasons, narrowing their preference to physical appearance and, or financial assets with personality falling last on the list. Inevitable many get hurt in the process and as a result their social interaction with men is reduced as they keep everything on a strictly professional level.


Chances need to be taken, its apart of life, but please our great women, choose well and avoid stereotype. I know as great women you deserve the very best, in physical appearance, assets, success and personality but those men are so very rare and when they are available, they are being chased by so many females they cannot cope. Often such men may go through something akin to a metamorphosis. They begin dating much too many women and start acting up before becoming very demanding or possessive of women in general. In other words you may meet a great woman or man but that does not necessary mean they will be great for you.


It’s not about finding the perfect lover – it’s about finding the LOVER PERFECT for you. Sometimes neutral is best or you may find you have to perform what you’d call a balancing act, whether that means a multicultural relationship or a relationship between couples with opposing financial status, WHATEVER!


So guys learn to appreciate your great women as we – both men and women – all have something to offer. The most important thing is knowing how to get the best out of your partner which can only come to fruition when you have been providing that all important support.

oprah Clinton


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