Like A Candle in the Wind
By Nolad Senoj
If ever I had the chance    
To give love as good as romance
I would gain redemption
If shown a little affection    
To show love and passion
Now seems out of fashion
It now seems a risk
To give a kiss
It may seem unkind
But I must speak my mind
If loving someone is a sin
My love will be a candle in the wind
Love seems lost and I must fear
That peoples no longer care
It’s hard to understand
But how do I persuade a man?
To give his love, soul and heart
And love can tear him apart
It might be hard to sustain
But you have everything to gain
Lovers do not give up, the sky is the limit
So people just work with it
And my ‘celebrity crew’
No matter what they say or do
You are nothing less
Than the best
People will talk
Let them talk
This is just civics
Let me link you with lyrics

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