Dancehall artiste Ce’Cile has recorded a song titled ‘IG Post’ (Miss Nuffy), which throws lyrical jabs at MC Nuffy and social media bullies. According to the sinjay, the song addresses all persons who live to spread their hate using social media.



“It’s a song for all nuff people, so if you are included in the song then that means you are a nuff female. The song was basically written from all the comments I read in my timeline. So give thanks to the nuff people because they were an inspiration,” she said, seemingly unbothered.

In one line of IG Post, Ce’Cile even made fun of MC Nuffy’s split with Gully Bop, citing that he was the one on the losing end, instead of Gully Bop.

“He is acting like Gully Bop’s career is done, but the only thing done is Nuffy salary. Gully Bop is in Trinidad touring with the hottest artistes right now, more power to Gully Bop. Stop trying to pull down the man and let him make his money. But you know what? Girls just love to talk. This is not even serious, it’s hilarious to me and that goes for all persons on social media. I specifically don’t like men who behave like females and Bounty Killer said it best recently,” Ce’Cile said.

Ce’Cile and MC Nuffy have been at odds since last week after the talkative host criticised the singer for reaching out to her babyfather Chris Martin on social media.

Defence ready

When contacted, MC Nuffy told The WEEKEND STAR that he has three female artistes ready to defend his honour lyrically.

“Mi nah guh argue wid no woman, but mi have three female artistes can send fi har. A good thing mi did talk up because now it give har an idea for a song. Everywhere yuh see har bout Big Deal a sing di man (Chris Martin’s) song,” he continued.

“Ce’Cile, mi nah guh continue trace wid yuh, mi a guh write a song and mek a female artiste fix yuh business and yuh can come a Sting come defend it. Mi see seh yuh want to tek the buss. Tabeta, Stylysh or Sashae, anyone a dem can tek yuh points,” MC Nuffy said.

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