Planning and Events

In everything we aim to put public there should be a lot more planning, because not everyone is built to handle crisis management. Most of the budgets spent in this world could have been used for better causes, if there was planning before events instead of after dealing with the crisis. Think about BP oil spills, sweatshop collapses with Nike, Primark etc, Barclays interest fixing, the UK riots and the list goes on.

We host events globally and if the correct planning is not proposed, certain high profile events will not be granted to cities to boost economies. Recently it seems the aim is only to make money, not much emphasis in taking care of the public, looking after the environment or building the communities we come from or affect when doing our events. Planning as I said is imperative, ask yourself some questions; What does my event represent? Who am I targeting with my marketing? What am I offering apart from the sole purpose of the event? Will people be safe at my event and am I legally protecting my supporters and myself as an event host?

As said before crisis management is not for everyone, when there are serious injuries, death, cancellations and loss of licenses not everyone knows how to weather the storm and prepare for the calm. Communication is key, being calm, giving information and being able to deal with a crisis can sometimes build a brand that can easily be broken through crisis. A crisis can come from PR mistake, marketing, legal issues, incidents or accidents that occur during , after or before the  event goes ahead. Remember events are not just conferences, parties, concerts, olympics or world cups, the average person celebrates or respects marriage, birthdays, purchase of first home, death, change of seasons, job promotion, retirement, change of job etc.

The question I ask is what does it take out of someone to sit down, map out risks, identify them, fix the ones that can be sorted and take out insurance for the highly unlikely ones that will carry a massive impact if they were to occur. Also try to plan events to last with a bit of sustainability so therefore look on how it can affect local or external economy, social circles or communities and the environment. A great example could be a conference or show that rewards patrons, encourage them to recycle cups/paper/flyers they may not want that they receive at an event (environment), social & community being that profit proceeds may go to a community you live in or spent time in or create apprenticeship/internship for those educated in fields of working in event aspects (social) and the economic factors would be creating employment, paying people what is by law required, contracts and also creation of jobs at events like catering, drink specialists (bartenders), cab drivers (uber code discounts) and such.

Be innovative, creative and think for the future not just the now. Alot of these things some already do, alot can be improved. The key word though is PLANNING… if we can all plan better, we can host better events, encourage sponsorship and have sustainability within the event field but as a Jamaican saying goes ‘short cut draw blood’ and ‘the good you give is the thanks you get’… persistence is the way, consistency is encouraged and rewards will not come overnight. Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not! Talent can’t reach opportunity.

Epik Jones

BSC Events Management


Epik Jones

Time Won’t tell

She said keep it real and just be honest

Stay humble, reserved and try to be modest

These walls may not talk but I see the writing on the wall

Far from Autumn but more than leaves fall

In the journey of life where the spirit may roam

Living in a time where thousands of miles away is where we call home

No trust or faith then surely we face defeat

Corns, cracks & blisters are the story of the feet

That walk searching for new ground, answers and solution

Wondering if there will be a metamorphosis or revolution

But seems that time has been paid off, gone into a shell

Because its become secretive, so not even time will tell


Talk yuh mind latest episode with, ZJ Chrome, Demarco & Richie Feelings speak mind in latest episode covering Konshens, Bounty Killer, Alkaline, Rvssian, John Legend & more. Cameo appearances from LA Lewis, Tanto Blacks and Ricky Trooper.



Thin line between love and hate

By Nolad Senoj


It was just the other day

By my dismay

That I learned of the term love

Used by the one above

When speaking of His creation

Used in this nation

As just another term

To some as a germ

It tears us humans apart

It gives diseases to the heart

We use it not knowing the power

Not knowing how sour

It can leave us

We must,

Therefore refrain

And maintain

That there is a line between love and hate

And it is rather thin I must state

The same person that can say I love you

Will tell you that they hate you

Even in the prime of a relay-tion-ship

It seems a race, journey and trip

All put together

But never

Will one admit?

Or permit

The line between love and hate is thin

If you argue I still will win

The odds say I am right

More single parents in my sight

More divorces than before

And love and hate seems forever more

I speak from experience

And it makes sense

Had three friends that showed me

And as you can see

You already know it

They turned me in a poet

I have become sensitive

But not negative

They used love and abused it

And took my love and used it

Spent time with all three

No benefit to me

As much as they said I love you

It was the one I hate you

That was put in action and word

It may seem absurd

But that line is thin to me

As I get on my other knee

For them I pray

That they may

Learn there is a thin line between love and hate

And from this date

They will use the word love only when they mean it

Because it causes more pain than gain

It is not just the phrases

But the stages

And audience we have when we speak

Look on the highest peak

Only the true and faithful get there

You must be true to yourself to be true to others

And that is advice to my sisters and brothers





5 Relationship Zones Worse than the Friend Zone

5 Relationship Zones Worse than the Friend Zone . The Internet loves hating on “the friend zone,” because the Internet sees friendship as the highest form of torture a horrible woman can impose on a sweet and infallible man, because the Internet is patrolled by the young and immature.

I’m not here to explain that “being in the friend zone” says less about the person who “put” you there than it does about the skewed way you view relationships (although, yes, someone should teach you that at some point). I am here to tell you that you’re focusing so much energy on avoiding the friend zone that you’re missing the REAL threats …

#5. The “No One I’m Interested in Is Attracted to Me” Zone

Everyone finishes the occasional date feeling like there wasn’t any connection, but when you’re in this zone, you finish every interaction like this. You have such high demands for similarity that anything short of a carbon copy of you is going to be deemed alien and distant by your crazy-ass brain, and you’ll force them away from you with a defensive preemptive rejection. Because the truth is, your brain has tricked you into thinking that people who are attracted to you aren’t worth your time.


It’s counter-intuitive, because “high standards” is a good thing in most contexts, like choosing what brick to build your house out of or what gas to put in your car, but human beings aren’t made of brick or gasoline or anything else you can buy, so if your “standards” are anything other than “Does this person make me really happy and horny a lot?” then you’re unnecessarily narrowing your options and missing out on some killer sex. It’s not that no one is happy being alone, and it’s not that you should just “take whatever you can get.” But if you find yourself scanning prospective mating partners for flaws rather than just enjoying their company, your whole approach to other humans could probably do with some revisions.

Pop culture has given us an insane and unrealistic perception of what human relationships are, and the most insane recent example has got to be from How I Met Your Mother, when the German character Klaus tells Ted that Lebenslanger Schicksalschatz (or “love,” because the joke is that German words are long) “isn’t something that develops over time. It is something that happens instantaneously,” which is the most psychotic relationship advice that hasn’t been banned from Kickstarter.

Love doesn’t work like facial recognition software or Ikea furniture, because it’s a feeling, and when you’re used to being lonely, even the best kind of companionship in the world can be scary.

#4. The “I Always Need to Be in a Relationship” Zone

If the description in that last entry sounds like it could’ve been written by a space alien, that may be because for you, getting into a relationship has never been that hard. You know all the tricks: If you’re shy, there’s beer or spirits. If you don’t like beer or spirits, there’s OK Cupid, where you can organize your life’s stats like a D&D character. And if you’re a fundamentally uninteresting person, you can take people to karaoke bars. For you, the hard part of a relationship isn’t getting someone to like you or want to spend the night naked — for you, the hard part is being OK when that’s not happening.

Epik World



No one likes loneliness, because if they do they don’t call it loneliness, they call it “me time.” But for some people it’s not just a bummer, it’s a paralyzing fear. Not having someone to call who has to answer means that you might have to spend a few nights alone, getting to know yourself and your own thoughts and, it can be scary, what if you suck?

For every girl out there who’s too afraid to smile back at the cute guy at the opposite end of the bar, there’s a girl who’d rather spend her night humping a total stranger than wake up by herself. The one that sounds like less of a problem to you can probably give you a pretty big hint as to which category you need to work on.

#3. The “We’ve Been Doing This Forever, We May as Well Stick With It” Zone

The original draft of The Last House on the Left featured the father of the hero, Dr. John Collingwood, murdering a serial killer with a scalpel. His strategy was to hit him in a thousand small places, until the killer would finally die from a thousand tiny cuts. Wes Craven eventually replaced it with a chainsaw because a) chainsaws are awesome, and b) he didn’t want his movie to be a metaphor for a common relationship problem.


Epik World

Breakups aren’t always big, covered in serrated metal teeth, and explosively violent — some are long and slow and end with both parties collapsing exhausted by both lack of restful sleep and blood loss. When you aren’t naturally confrontational and you get into a relationship with someone who is just as used to making small concessions as you, it’s easy to just get along without actually being happy. For years, you find yourself thinking, “Sure, we don’t like much of the same stuff, and we like to spend our free time differently, and we don’t agree on anything, but we’re rarely actually fighting (if you’re not swearing or throwing stuff, it isn’t fighting), so maybe this is as good as it gets.”

The dirty trick at the core of this issue is that you’ll be forced to break up for what feels like selfish reasons (“I need to see what else is out there”; “There has to be more to relationships than this”; “I really wanna explore the world”) even though it’s really what’s best for everyone.

#2. The “Staying in Contact Forever” Zone

This might be a new zone, invented in the past decade or so, which makes it all the more terrifying: the “staying in contact” zone, which has been made all the worse by Facebook, Twitter, cellphones, and the rest of the secretly evil marvels of technology.


Epik World

But to understand this zone of the future, we, paradoxically, must first look backward, into the zones of the past. So come with me, Internet friends, on a journey to the time of Dracula.

When Jonathan Harker (Keanu Reeves) went to Dracula’s castle, he left behind the beautiful Mina Murray (Winona Ryder), but they stayed in contact with letters. But letters take time to travel, so this relationship was tempered with patience and love, and then Harker boned a bunch of vampire babes in Dracula (Gary Oldman)’s basement (careful with that link, there are boobs). These days, that relationship could never have happened that way because Mina would’ve texted Jonathan “goodnight, sweetheart!” right before that girl … bit his thing off, or whatever the hell it is she’s doing. And then he would’ve felt embarrassed and called the whole thing off.

When you’re in a messed up relationship, the hardest part is pulling yourself out, or never texting that person again when you’re drunk or just lonely. But with modern social media, that’s gotten even harder. It’s not enough to simply stop calling them; you have to unfriend them on Facebook (a proactive step), and even then you’re going to see them in your feed if you have any mutual friends, and your cellphone might auto correct weird words to their name, or you may have interactions on something called Snap chat, because what the hell is that. Oh, it’s a social media app with a constantly changing TOS and interface, just like every other social media app. Keeping up with the latest trends on the Internet isn’t just about keeping in touch with your friends — it’s about not keeping in touch with them, too. And sometimes that’s a whole lot harder.

#1. The “I Don’t Want to Ruin the Friendship” Zone

Surprise! This is what the actual friend zone is!

If you’ve ever been in “the friend zone,” remember that you weren’t put there by anyone but yourself, and for evidence you need look no further than the episode of Friends that popularized the term (according to Wikipedia).

Ross wants to sleep with Rachel, and Rachel doesn’t know, and Ross is trying to work up the courage to tell her, and Friends lasted 10 seasons on that joke. You might be thinking that Rachel is horrible for forcing Ross into that situation by not just sleeping with him, if you’re the kind of sociopath who thinks that women are responsible for every problem that befalls a man. The real problem there is that Ross doesn’t respect himself enough to act on his feelings and doesn’t respect Rachel enough to be honest. He’s kind of a prick, because secretly wanting to be intimate with someone but not telling anyone because you want to manipulate them into sexing you without being honest about your intentions means that you’re kind of a prick.


Epik World

Friendship and romance are different. You can’t trade one for the other. If you’re in love with one of your friends, then you’ve already ruined the friendship through the simple involuntary act of wanting to fuck them. If you wanna wait it out and try to be friends again, do that. If you wanna act on it, do that. If you wanna sit on the sidelines and try to puppeteer a person into sleeping with you without letting them know that’s what you’re trying to do, then you’re only technically not a rapist. And I wouldn’t put that on a T-shirt, either.



Weak Men Fear Strong Women - Michelle Obama



Presented by EPIK Jones


For some men, a great or even good woman, is too good to be true. Feelings of doubt often surface with the man asking himself, do I deserve this woman? Is she for real? Just what are her plans?


A great woman will have a man thinking on a level he never knew existed, with even the ‘thug’ becoming more attuned with his ‘feminine side’ in the company of a good woman. A woman who is able to facilitate a change in his attitude, his perspective and inspire in him a healthy respect for life itself.


A man may only come across three good women during his lifetime – his mother often being one of them! However, not all men can cope with a strong woman and a great woman can either make or break a man.


Many of the great women I have met have been black. Black women who have overcome many obstacles: including racism, sexism, and mother/professional/house wife – separating the emotional distress and concealing it. Most black men find it difficult to deal with a strong independent Black Woman. They suddenly feel somehow inferior – that somehow they may lose their position of ‘authority’ as suddenly, the man who is used to being the bread winner, appears as though in competition with his woman – probably even relegated to playing the supporting role.


It can be a hard pill to swallow especially when your woman is successful and good at what she does. But you know something – guys like me are proud of such talent guys like me are proud and supportive of our strong women. As a community we need to be supportive towards such women. Support the strong women is a vital element in order for talent and communities to flourish – and a flourishing community makes it so much easier in our everyday struggles against the world.


How a man chooses to deal with the great and good women he meets during his lifetime is solely in his hands, as it may become increasingly difficult for a successful woman to share her time with him.


So make the most of your times together while you can, whether the female is a friend, girlfriend or other – as there are great benefits to be gained from the close association with the female ‘of the species,’ who in general have so much to offer and who most times think then act – where we men most times act and then try to think of a way out of a situation!


It’s sad though as some of the great women of this world often find themselves choosing the wrong man for all the wrong reasons, narrowing their preference to physical appearance and, or financial assets with personality falling last on the list. Inevitable many get hurt in the process and as a result their social interaction with men is reduced as they keep everything on a strictly professional level.


Chances need to be taken, its apart of life, but please our great women, choose well and avoid stereotype. I know as great women you deserve the very best, in physical appearance, assets, success and personality but those men are so very rare and when they are available, they are being chased by so many females they cannot cope. Often such men may go through something akin to a metamorphosis. They begin dating much too many women and start acting up before becoming very demanding or possessive of women in general. In other words you may meet a great woman or man but that does not necessary mean they will be great for you.


It’s not about finding the perfect lover – it’s about finding the LOVER PERFECT for you. Sometimes neutral is best or you may find you have to perform what you’d call a balancing act, whether that means a multicultural relationship or a relationship between couples with opposing financial status, WHATEVER!


So guys learn to appreciate your great women as we – both men and women – all have something to offer. The most important thing is knowing how to get the best out of your partner which can only come to fruition when you have been providing that all important support.

oprah Clinton