Epik Jones

Time Won’t tell

She said keep it real and just be honest

Stay humble, reserved and try to be modest

These walls may not talk but I see the writing on the wall

Far from Autumn but more than leaves fall

In the journey of life where the spirit may roam

Living in a time where thousands of miles away is where we call home

No trust or faith then surely we face defeat

Corns, cracks & blisters are the story of the feet

That walk searching for new ground, answers and solution

Wondering if there will be a metamorphosis or revolution

But seems that time has been paid off, gone into a shell

Because its become secretive, so not even time will tell



Nolad Senoj

A Flawless Family a flawless life

One big catch and I get a flawless wife

Flawless and gorgeous in every way

Elegant and classy I must say

Class like school and you wear the hat

Strong family and all must respect that

Flawless is not just the word or description

A way of life for success a certain prediction

Where all seen is love and the good

Where everything seems perfect, as it should

Love is when you accept the good with bad

That was nurtured in them from their dad

A FORTIS like me bearing the purple and white

The tie of winners, the brave and the bright

We enter a world full of evil and sin

So love is the only chance we have to win

It’s about gaining the world’s glory and saving your soul

Enjoying life while young and not waiting until old

After all from Aids, heart attacks and now cancer

And the list of possible deaths could continue in a next stanza

So when you see flawless

Respect or be jawless

Because to hate is to be without bone

No frame, no heart, yet in the zone

Of begging blessings and success to rub off on you

You need the flawless family and crew

Wanting their flawless, successful life to shine your way

But I guarantee if the hearts not their you will never see that day

Don’t think flawless is everlasting

Must be maintained or contrasting

Thing may happen and like gold disappear

For a lost flawless soul should have no fear

As long as the candle of hope is always ensured to be kept alight

It can always make sure the pride; success and flawless candles are kept alight



Thin line between love and hate

By Nolad Senoj


It was just the other day

By my dismay

That I learned of the term love

Used by the one above

When speaking of His creation

Used in this nation

As just another term

To some as a germ

It tears us humans apart

It gives diseases to the heart

We use it not knowing the power

Not knowing how sour

It can leave us

We must,

Therefore refrain

And maintain

That there is a line between love and hate

And it is rather thin I must state

The same person that can say I love you

Will tell you that they hate you

Even in the prime of a relay-tion-ship

It seems a race, journey and trip

All put together

But never

Will one admit?

Or permit

The line between love and hate is thin

If you argue I still will win

The odds say I am right

More single parents in my sight

More divorces than before

And love and hate seems forever more

I speak from experience

And it makes sense

Had three friends that showed me

And as you can see

You already know it

They turned me in a poet

I have become sensitive

But not negative

They used love and abused it

And took my love and used it

Spent time with all three

No benefit to me

As much as they said I love you

It was the one I hate you

That was put in action and word

It may seem absurd

But that line is thin to me

As I get on my other knee

For them I pray

That they may

Learn there is a thin line between love and hate

And from this date

They will use the word love only when they mean it

Because it causes more pain than gain

It is not just the phrases

But the stages

And audience we have when we speak

Look on the highest peak

Only the true and faithful get there

You must be true to yourself to be true to others

And that is advice to my sisters and brothers




The Cry of a Black Boy
By Nolad Senoj

A little black boy born in England
Making the transition from a boy to a man
Trying to find his purpose on earth
Will he find his worth?
Came to Jamaica this little island
Living in St.Thomas, please understand
It has now become a sin
As his message is fire burning in wind
His efforts will go in vain
As it seems he alone bears the pain
Our heroes cry when he cries
And if not heard this boy dies
He cannot believe and is very much sorry
The island of Bob Marley, Louise Bennett and Donald Quarry
Can have such a crime rate
Or ever reach this state
How can he say he is free?
When mentally we are in captivity
He may be wrong
But we have not learned from ‘Redemption Song’
Louise sees us lose our culture to crime
And it’s just a matter of time
Before Bolt gives up the race
As we have lost pace
People of Jamaica bring joy
To this little black boy
As they taught him
‘It is good to be happy as life flows along
But how will you look when things go wrong
For the man worthwhile
Is the man that greets bad times with a smile?
Why claim freedom
When left free-dumb
Celebrate independence
Yet left in-de-pen-dense
That black boy is lost
Find him at any cost



b88f94276cf6d7b974689a81fca6142a My Dream Girl
By Nolad Senoj
A lady so beautiful
Her characteristics wonderful
A lady with a peace of mind
Who is pure, open hearten and kind?
Your father must have been an astrologer to put stars in your eyes
Because when you look at me my body lights up as my heart cries
The bond between us is like that of magnetic devices
But to explain that is another crisis
I classify you as a lady
And with You I will produce a baby
That fire which is inside of you and will burn
To keep it blazing is my major concern
Your supreme intelligence
This brings out your magnificence
Your bravery and determination
Makes me stronger in times of deterioration
You made me aware
That yesterday is history
Tomorrow might be a mystery
But today is a gift like you
That’s why it’s called the present
You are a precious treasure
And to even know you is a great pleasure

black anime girl



Like A Candle in the Wind
By Nolad Senoj
If ever I had the chance    
To give love as good as romance
I would gain redemption
If shown a little affection    
To show love and passion
Now seems out of fashion
It now seems a risk
To give a kiss
It may seem unkind
But I must speak my mind
If loving someone is a sin
My love will be a candle in the wind
Love seems lost and I must fear
That peoples no longer care
It’s hard to understand
But how do I persuade a man?
To give his love, soul and heart
And love can tear him apart
It might be hard to sustain
But you have everything to gain
Lovers do not give up, the sky is the limit
So people just work with it
And my ‘celebrity crew’
No matter what they say or do
You are nothing less
Than the best
People will talk
Let them talk
This is just civics
Let me link you with lyrics