The Cry of a Black Boy
By Nolad Senoj

A little black boy born in England
Making the transition from a boy to a man
Trying to find his purpose on earth
Will he find his worth?
Came to Jamaica this little island
Living in St.Thomas, please understand
It has now become a sin
As his message is fire burning in wind
His efforts will go in vain
As it seems he alone bears the pain
Our heroes cry when he cries
And if not heard this boy dies
He cannot believe and is very much sorry
The island of Bob Marley, Louise Bennett and Donald Quarry
Can have such a crime rate
Or ever reach this state
How can he say he is free?
When mentally we are in captivity
He may be wrong
But we have not learned from ‘Redemption Song’
Louise sees us lose our culture to crime
And it’s just a matter of time
Before Bolt gives up the race
As we have lost pace
People of Jamaica bring joy
To this little black boy
As they taught him
‘It is good to be happy as life flows along
But how will you look when things go wrong
For the man worthwhile
Is the man that greets bad times with a smile?
Why claim freedom
When left free-dumb
Celebrate independence
Yet left in-de-pen-dense
That black boy is lost
Find him at any cost